Comrie Angling Club

Rules :

1.      Tickets are non-transferable.

2.      The Club shall consist of those anglers resident within six miles of Comrie who have paid the appropriate fees, and a restricted number of Associate Members.

3.      All fish under nine inches (except rainbow trout) must be returned to the river undamaged, as must all salmon and grilse.

4.      Membership cards must be shown on demand to keepers, watchers, bailiffs and any member of the club, and MUST be carried when fishing.

5.      Members are requested to shut gates, not to damage property or fences, and they may not be accompanied by a dog.

6.      No Member should fish a pool for more than half an hour after the arrival of another Member who wishes to fish that pool.   No more than two persons are permitted to fish the same pool at the same time.   Gaffs are NOT permitted.

7.      Members may fish with any legal lure, except shrimp, prawn or diving minnow.   Worm fishing for Salmon is not allowed in February or March.  In April and May, worm fishing is allowed, with 6lb line and a single hook of size 8 or smaller.

8.      Until the end of July, only ONE sea trout may be taken per member per day – members are strongly recommended to return all sea trout caught.   From August 1st onwards, all sea trout caught must be returned to the water.   A maximum of TWO brown trout and TWO grayling per member per day may be taken.

9.      Sunday fishing is NOT permitted.

10.    Each ticket-holding member has the authority to demand production of a ticket from anyone fishing on Club water.   Non-production should be reported to the Hon. Secretary or the Bailiff.

11.    When fishing with worms, only one hook should be used, not larger than Salmon size 1, and it should be of the ‘Circle’ style.

12.    Members who fail to send a Return of fish caught, including Nil Returns, by the 15th November may cease to be Members.

13.    No vehicle should be parked on Drummond Estate land or roads.   Adequate parking exists near the Church and the Quarry.   There should be NO upstream casting of Flying C baits on Drummond Water.

14.    Members who do not renew membership before 1st April will cease to be members, and will be required to pay a fee if they wish to re-join.

15.    Members should leave no rubbish, unwanted tackle or fishing line on the river banks or in the water.

16.    Fishing for Salmon, Sea Trout and Grayling may take place only between 1st February and 31st October (15th October for Drummond Water), and for Brown Trout only between 15th March and 6th October.


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